Welcome to my website where I share my love for art …naturally!

My name is Liz DeVree. I’ve loved art all my life and worked professionally as a design artist in the needlepoint industry for 20 years. I’ve recently discovered a love for felting, along with creating other things based on my appreciation of nature.

You can find my Etsy page at devreedesigns.etsy.com, check it out to find that special gift for yourself or someone you love. You can contact me any time at devreedesigns@gmail.com or check out my facebook page- link is at the bottom of this web page.

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Custom Cairn

Cairn: /’kern/-noun: stack of stones built as a memorial or landmark

The customized cairns are weather resistant. Each rock represents something important to you- family members, pets, goals- they are held together by a stainless steel rod that anchors the cairn into the ground. Let me know how many stones you’d need and let me make one for you!

Felted Stones


Felted stones are beautiful things!

They’re wonderful as individual touchstones, when sewn together into decorative pillows or combined to make interesting wall art. I can embellish the pillows and wall art with things seen in nature such as mosses, flowers, lichen and ivy.

Custom Cairns


Wall Art

Nature’s Inspiration

Carin stones

Now is the time

Gorgeous!! Bravo!

Connie Stover

Hand Painted Threads