These pillows look great on a sofa or chair. The plain ones are perfect for Man Caves while the embroidered ones will appeal to people who appreciate handwork. They can be customized by choosing rock colors, different sizes or flower colors.

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This was a gift for a friend and is a felted wall hanging representing water, surf and sand. It’s approximately 12″sq. and is Needle and Wet Felted wool with accents of various fibers. Contact me at if you’d like one made for you!

The cairns are completely customizable to your needs. The cairn shown was made for my daughter and her husband to celebrate the birth of their first child. Extra rocks were added representing their dogs and cat.

The rocks are hand chosen from Lake Michigan and drilled out by my husband, Tom. The top rock acts as a cap and can be screwed off so more rocks can be added to the stack. They are held together with a stainless steel rod which anchors the cairn into the ground. They hold up in strong weather situations- we live in Michigan so our cairns go through snow, heat and rain.

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